The War For An Airship

The Previous Campaign Recap
The Failed Recruitment of a Villian

The players start our very first campaign off with Steve, Otto of Blackwind, and Anorak being led by the NPC, Melody, to the village of Randleworth. They were captives since Otto and Anorak slaughtered many farms and merchants for revenge of the death of their loved ones. Steve was caught in the crossfire and decided to go along. Anorak is a Dragonborn unlike everyone else who is human. Melody was taking this lot to do the King’s service and solve a mysterious chain of murders and kidnapping in the neighboring kingdom. She said it would help lessen their crimes. Otto on the way fell for Melody being blonde and simply a hot looking cleric. He kept trying to brag about his pirating background and everyone shrugged him off and called him an idiot. To clarify Otto is a fighter, Anorak is a wizard, and Steve is a paladin. None of them are traditional fighters in their classes. After a few hours the party arrives in Randleworth and take a stop to see the town elder for help on their quest. When they enter the town guard are inside gambling. Of course Otto and Steve jump on that action and lose together for a total of 200 GP. In defeat they slug over to the elder where the party is given common knowledge that the mystery is behind a cultist group and they need to be stopped. Steve knew about this and mentions it for the first time. The reason he was out traveling was to get revenge since they killed his father, Rasem. As they leave the Town Guard leader stops them and challenges the party to a duel to test their strength. The party barely beats the town guard. Steve was not finished with that. Some words angered him and fought the captain once more with both barely standing. It was a battle of pure spirit. Steve won after many sparing swings and took back the 200 GP once lost. The party went to the Quartermaster to prepare for their assault and discovered that they all wanted to be airship pirates, except Melody. They would do anything do get a ship, even hire villains or fight an entire kingdom. Melody half promises them one if they finish the mission.They rest at the local Inn and Melody trains Anorak the ways of magic in her room. In the morning, Otto is in a jealous rage and everyone is tired of his issues. Before they leave they see a new player traveling towards them with a large cart of potatoes. Steve rejoices since it is his old friend Willow, a druid. Willow thought Steve was dead since Steve left him on accident and left a note saying I’m dead. They all pack up and go towards the Temple of Serepth where the cultists are based. Upon arrival they slaughter everyone in their path heading underground where they are interrupted by traps, monsters, and cultists. They do break a cave wall and find a Brown Bear and Willow uses nature magic to recruit the abnormally large bear for help. Anorak falls in love with the bear and wants to keep it. The party finds magical items in a chest and move on. They find a door and kick the potato cart into it. BOOOOM! It was rigged. They barge in and find a room filled with layers of corpses and tortured bodies. The main cultist, Erogath, was performing a ritual for Mephistopheles to overthrow Asmodues. The party are overwhelmed with cultist and with ease tear them apart by throwing back into the force-field . They then fight Erogath and more cultists. ERbq). ogath runs away in defeat when his plan is foiled. The finds treasures that belonged to Rasem. Steve finds a note from his father reads it and destroys it before aelses it.

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